Monday, 19 January 2015

From turning pages to plugging in earphones

In case you guys didn't know I am a massive fan of Tyler Oakley, a youtuber who is the most cheerful, happy person I've ever watched. I love his videos and they always leave a smile on my face.
What he does every month is recommends a book on (P.S  if you want to check out Tyler Oakley click right here - as Tyler says 'you're welcome in advance') Seriously, you will fall in love with his adorable-ness.

I don't know if this is just me but do you remember the old audio tapes people used to have as kids with all the surrounding noises in the background? Well my family had a 'James and the Giant Peach' one for ages, I don't know why but I thought maybe it was a bit... childish to be listening to audio books. That is until I tried it and you guys are missing out.

I tried it out last week and holy god I thank you for letting me do that. As an aspiring journalist, I find it hard to do all the chores for the day, work out, study and cook while having some time to sit down and just read something that I'd like. I'm also a huge fan of video games (reviews are coming up, they're just going to take some time) and I have to have time to play and wind down.
 I'm always one to listen to music on the go, in fact the majority of the time I just blatantly refuse to leave my house if I don't have good earphones or headphones. Audio books are so handy for going for walks or walking to college or even just lying down getting ready for bed and dozing off. This is because it's not like a song you play over and over and get sick of, it's someone reading. If it's a book you're getting into then all you're doing is sitting and relaxing while someone tells you a story. You barely need to concentrate, it is perfect!

I really wanted to read the Game of Thrones series but with all these writing projects I have made for myself coming up, I really can't delay myself too much to sit down and read the huge series. So instead, I bought them on and I haven't looked back. What's even better is that has an app, which makes it so easy to download to an android or iPhone. You play the books almost like on itunes and they'll save your spot so that when you come back later to continue listening you won't have to search through endless chapters trying to remember where you are. Also if you need a small reminder where you are in the story (particularly good for those with memories like a sieve - like myself!) you can tap to rewind 30 seconds from the story for a quick recap of the scene you are currently listening to.

Honestly, I know this blog is short for today but I cannot praise enough. Plus if you go onto you can get your first book for free! It can't hurt right?
Enjoy reading guys!

Monday, 12 January 2015

My first post! Why we should all love Taylor Swift!!

  1. Her new album 1989 is AMAZING: I take my hat off to the girl for taking the big risk of changing around her genre of music and growing into something new. She made it into a big success with all of her catchy songs that even the boys who would roll their eyes at her are secretly loving the hit songs from the album like 'Shake it Off', 'Blank Space' and 'Out of The Woods'. I love all the songs, each one of them is so catchy and brilliantly new, I can't get enough of them!   
  2. Her fashion sense has seriously peaked: Not that it was terrible in the first place but in my opinion she's really turning into a fashion icon. I feel she's the type of person who seriously appreciates the au natural look. With her eye liner wing and red lippy it really shows off her features on her face with such simplicity. She is also inspiring me to show off my height, I'm 5'10ft and still growing and since she's about the same and still flaunting the streets of NYC with heels, she's making me want to flaunt it y'all! Here's some of my favourites I've seen on the interwebs during 2014...

  3. She's a great role models for youngsters: Not just because she took all the criticism said about her from the media and created the majestic video that is 'Blank Space' but she also doesn't make music videos of her basically showing off her bare ass or telling girls that unless you've got big assets you're not worth anything or that you're fake. She's an all round good girl who means every word behind her songs. She's probably the only female singer that's popular in the industry who's like this and probably Beyoncé too.
  4. She remains modest despite her success: To top that she also remembers who brought her up the music industry ladder by writing random fans encouraging messages on instagram. She also warmed people's hearts with her end of year video by giving random fans of hers christmas presents and visits them. I really applauded her when I saw that video, she's just too cute.
    When I watched interviews with her she seems like such a sweetheart and as a wannabe journalist I am just dying to have an interview with her someday in the future even if she's out of the music industry. She appears as such a pleasant person to talk to.
  5. Her past romances: You've got to give it to her, from Harry Styles to Taylor Lautner this gal has got a pretty great history of guys. Let's be real, I think we're all a little jealous!
  6. HER CATS!: I mean how cute is her Scottish Fold Meredith (named after Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy) she's such a little cutie and you can tell how much Taylor loves her by all the updates and photos she uploads onto Twitter and Facebook. I mean look at that little face!!

    Her newest addition Olivia Benson (named after the character portrayed by Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order SVU.). She's been featured in the diet coke ad along with Taylor as well as other ads. She is seen carried around by Taylor on the streets of NYC. That picture of her just screams: AWWW!!!

  7. She makes me want to go to New York so badly: Okay that might not be a reason for you to like her but I mean c'mon, her song 'Welcome to New York' makes me imagine all the bright lights and people everywhere and the shops... oh the shops... *drools*...
  8. Her concerts: Never been to one but all the photos look like so much fun! Seeing her perform live on award shows show her true talent of singing. Ah I just love the girl!
Hope you enjoy my first post. Have a great day!