Saturday, 14 March 2015

Latest MAC Range: Disney Cinerella Theme

I think this is my first blog post about make up which is kind of strange because if anyone saw my collection of makeup it would be very easy to realise my passion for it. It's kind of funny because if I hadn't gotten into my Journalism course I was actually prepared to go to a beautician school to become a make up artist. However, I would love to do columns on reviews of makeup ranges, that is my dream.

I think most people will agree with me when I say that MAC's latest range inspired by the new real life disney film "Cinderella" - debuting this month - is absolutely gorgeous. The packaging is absolutely stunning, depicting the infamous blue from Cinderella's dress when she attends the ball. If I could I would take a loan out of the bank to buy all of it - too cute!

It's not a huge collection but most of it is natural/ neutral colours that are suitable to all skin types and looks which reflects MAC's motto ("All ages, all races, all sexes"). I'm a high supporter of natural beauty and wearing make up that enhances my features. The nude lip shades from their lipsticks and lipglass (lipgloss) and the "Stroke of Midnight" eyeshadow pallet with 6 shades perfect for smokey eyes would certainly make that look achieveable.

It really does reflect the natural beauty that Cinderella is supposed to have in the story, that she's pure and beautiful on the inside and out with her selflessness and with her angelic, pure appearance. All of the shades have an element to the story like "Evil Stepmother" which is a plum shade pigment with plum pearl shimmer in it and "Glass Slipper" which is a very light, nude lipgloss shade. There's also other shade names which depict a princess story like "Happily Ever after", "Royal Ball" (Lipstick shade I really want!), "Mystery Princess" and so many more.

I'm incredibly excited for the movie, it'll be a brilliant throwback and I hope they don't tear away from the story to add loads of effects like Tim Burton did with Alice In Wonderland. The cast look brilliant so cannot wait to go to the cinema to watch it. This is the poster for the movie. I know what you're thinking the dress is absolutely stunning - am I right?

MAC seems to be continuing this disney themed range after their successful Malificent range which promoted the dark, sinister colours (like my soul) from Malificent's clothing and look.

Hopefully they will do a range for "Beauty and the Beast" starring Emma Watson, I can only imagine what beautiful shades they'll come up with for that, perhaps even some lovely golden shades from Belle's dress?

Anyway if you love neutral shades or know someone who likes neutral shades or have have a girlfriend who wears natural makeup then this Cinderella collection is for you/ them. Definitely going to be raiding the Mac counter for these beauties!

Until next time! If you like these reviews and want more, let me know!

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