Monday, 9 February 2015


Okay so once again, here I am with the weird, misleading titles but trust me, I think even you will find this app awesome. So if you're like me you are one of those desperate people who are ridiculously unfit despite my appearance. It takes a miracle for me to actually leave my house because the only destination I will bother to get up for is the kitchen and even that visit is usually brief (don't worry fellas I am a serious catch - NOT!).

The only exercise I can unfortunately do due to a torn muscle in my back (I'm sure you'll hear me complaining about it in the next coming days) is running. Now running for me, particularly without good headphones is a serious treck, I can't stand it. I just find it so boring, once you've found a route you like walking on (mine is all around UL a couple times - around 10km or so) it's just the same old thing over and over again. Well I discovered this app that put excitement back into running.

It's called 'Zombies Run', it's almost like audible/walkman apps where it runs like music. All you need is some good earphones and you're good to go! Once you start the app you have three options to turn on or off at your choice, first is to be able to turn on your music from your memory card to play in the app, second one is to be able to track your distance when you're walking via google maps and the third one is to turn on chasing. The last one is the best feature and kind of brings the whole meaning of the post. When you start the app story it'll sound like you're in a helicopter with one other person, the helicopter crashes and you've landed in the centre of a zombie apocalypse. You hear someone sane talking into an intercom to you saying your location and where you should be headed (their location) what's great is you don't actually have to follow their exact directions, the story will continue the more you walk. Every now and again you may get a warning from the intercom guy that there are zombies around you and you'll hear the zombies in your ear pieces. You have to run, as if running for your life. It's so much fun.

For a girl that was doing this at night, in the fog you could imagine how easy it was to get sucked into the story and soon enough I was running and looking back like the total idiot I am to check that zombies weren't behind me. Needless to say I'm pretty sure the public found it really amusing. There's about 40+ missions in each season and the first one I did literally lasted a whole lap of UL which isn't so bad. There's 3 seasons in total so there's plenty of fun to go round and it's just as fun to do all those missions again - trust me!

As well as the normal missions there are also other features in the game that are pretty cool. There's a section that is similar to farmville, where you have a base, it's up to you to run more and collect items that can improve your base, you'll gather more people and maybe one day you'll be able to stop the zombies.

What's even cooler is that there is another section called airdrop which is google maps figures out where you are and will drop a supply box somewhere in the real world where you'll have to run to and collect it. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Technology is seriously peaking people!

You can buy stuff from the store but if you're someone with an addictive personality (like myself) I wouldn't suggest it, you're better off running and earning those prizes yourself, plus you get to find out what happens next in the story.

Once you start it's so hard to stop and hey, you're doing something that's good for you! If you've ever wondered what it's like to be in a zombie apocalypse this is the closest thing and it's awesome!
Enjoy running guys and let me know how you get on in the story!

Good luck 'Runner 5' (once you start you'll understand what that means)

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